Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Bermuda: A day food guide

Tranquil beaches, beautiful scenic views, the pristine roads Bermuda is a paradise in a real sense. Someone like me who has a great fascination for food Bermuda is a foodies paradise too. An array of food, if you are vacationing in Bermuda, do sure visit and eat well in Bermuda. Since our last visit in Bermuda, we visited with kids, we could not hop from one to another place, still relished a few restaurants where we stayed. As I mention, we visited with children our food was little kid-centric. My picks 3 top favorites

Breakfast: WINDOWS ON THE SOUND...Probably the name was good enough to hitch me totally and then the food ah so extensive and exclusive. Their Sunday brunch is huge and very popular...where starts neverending treats of sweets. Bermudian freshly made jam to be a precise, array of jams, denies, and little exclusive Bermudian food corner. Customize your omelet with the plethora of vegetable choices. And added to it all island fresh fruits. What more can you  ask to kick-start a day?

Lunch: Jasmine ...just like it's fragmented flavor jasmine was flavorsome casual and chic with beautiful modern interior with the overlooking the azure pool.And great service chef coming to your table checking for food. We especially love their appetizer trio dip with pita bread was a delight flavor some dips were creamy and scrumptious with pita one side. Surely didn't go wrong ordering. If you are a sweet lover, surely you should not miss their banana spilt ice cream. And cheesecake with apple pie was heavenly.In addition, they have a lovely menu for little ones.Even though I mention Jasmine for lunch best part of it's you can visit anytime for anything a cup of coffee for relaxation or a drink or lunch or even dinner and truly worth for the price.

Dinner: Bucci ....offering Italian Bucci was inviting warm with wonderful food on the Turtle Hill Golf Course at the Fairmont Southampton. If you are like me on vacation, you don't mind piling calories even in pizza sure do taste their craft your own pizza. If you mind then option too healthier and more wholesome,  salmon it was succulent and cooked to perfection. And on a sweet note, we ended with terrific tiramisu. That was straight from the heaven itself. Should I stress it more for after the description?


  1. While I try not to go over-board with the sugar content, I totally agree that a little splurging on vacation is a good thing. Articles like this help me plan out those splurges. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Your pictures are sweet, and make me want these treats! We are looking at places to vacation in December and will need to add Bermuda to the list of possibilities!


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