Friday, February 24, 2017

Grand Bazaar -Turkey’s Turkish delight

When I visit a new country and when it comes to shopping, I always buy something that accentuates that countries flavor. Especially when you visit a country like Turkey, it offers the best of both worlds. Parted by Bosporus, One side of the river is Europe and the other is Asia. The combination of both cultures giving Turkey a uniqueness and so one of a kind.

As I mention earlier, when I visit a new country, instead of buying the brands available in my own country, I want to buy or shop something that is not available in my country. What could be the best way to cherish Istanbul other than visiting Grand Bazaar? It is the largest and oldest covered market in the world. It’s not definitely an average experience of visiting a regular mall or any modern day shopping, colorful and kinetic with 250,000 to 400,000 visitors visiting in a single day. That’s the charm of Grand Bazaar.

Hospitality is the other name of Turkish culture and that’s what you will find in Grand Bazaar in the cheerful and friendly faces of the bargaining shop owners while exploring those shops. Consisting of 61 alley and streets and 4000 thousand shops, it feels like walking in the history, amazing ambiance, wonderful displays and glittering lights with the madding crowd with galore of shops in this massive marketplace. There are possibly a thousand things you can buy in Grand Bazaar, these are my picks:

Rugs - One word comes to my mind vibrant. You can’t give a pass on those beautiful patterned intricate woven Turkish rugs that have been popular for centuries. If you are able to carry it in flight, surely go for it.

Glassware and lamp - Grand bazaar is famous for Turkish mosaic lamp and glassware. Those ornate Turkish lamps give Grand Bazaar its visual treat.

Pashmina Jacket and Shawl – Their colorful and beautiful pattern hypnotizes you. Grand bazaar is famous for those Pashmina jackets and shawls, silk scarfs with magnificent motifs and tantalizing threadwork.

Pottery/ceramic - The thing that makes Grand Bazaar more magnificent and picturesque is pottery. Pottery or ceramic are something that one can treasure from Grand Bazaar. These have typical Turkish motif and hand painted.

Spice - Grand Bazaar offers the variety of spices with aroma and flavor. There are all kinds of choices available in Istanbul. These aromatic spices will leave you mesmerized. I bought saffron from Istanbul. It gives my Biryani a heavenly aroma and a luscious look.

Turkish Tea - One of the best aromatic teas to buy. You will find all kind of flavors here.

Turkeys delight - If you don't buy anything, buy Turkish delight. Made out food dry fruits, it's something that you shouldn't miss.

Evil eye - The Evil eye is a blue and white Nazar) is part of Turkish culture. You will get it in any form either jewelry, key chain or decor.

Leather goods and shoes - Grand Bazaar offers an array of leather goods, handbags and shoes but you need to be careful while buying and be able to differentiate between original and fake.

Jewelry - How can you go to Grand Bazaar and- come back without buying jewelry? Grand Bazaar is the hub of jewelry, diamond to gold to silver, just name it. I love typical Turkish jewelry with filigree work. These are so one of a kind, wearing those makes you stand out in the crowd.

Your negotiation skills will come absolutely handy buying in grand bazaar.

1. Bargain is part of Grand Bazaar culture.
2. You should expect to walk a lot.
3. It’s huge and crowded.
4. It’s not about international brands. It’s mostly indigenous.
5. Endless rows of shops with all kinds of goods.

Even if you don't buy, you can spend the whole day strolling around Grand bazaar and be the witness to the uniqueness.


  1. I didn't even think about Turkey as being a combined culture between Europe and Asia but it's true. Thanks for sharing some of the culture.

  2. I love the Glassware and lamp as well as Pottery/ceramic because they look like well-crafted and looks like timeless pieces. How I wish there are Turkeys delight that are made from dried fruits available in the supermarket. LOoks delish!

    1. Yes Arra , those were really scrumptious. Thank you 😊

  3. A lot of friends of mine have been in Turkey, and the Bazaar is like one of the TOP places to go. There is almost everything in there! I really wish i could go there, though i'm a bit afraid of Turkey lately.. Hope things will be calmer with the goverment there, and will be more "travel-friendly"

  4. I love all the spices and the ceramics they are so lovely I would want to buy them all.

  5. Everything you find in Turkey is a labor of love infused with a rich cultural history.... I could spend days at the Grand Bazaar!

  6. I love those pretty little trinkets! I dream of visiting Turkey's Grand Bazaar someday. I love buying small things that are unique to the places I visit.

  7. I love all of the colors in your photos! I would love to visit one day!

  8. Great post!! i love to visit place with cultural history...i hope to visit one day


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