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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Hello Fall, my favorite things...

"Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth

seeking the successive autumns."

- George Eliot 

      Hello, Now the favorite time of the year approaches. In my previous post, I mentioned how I miss India during this time. But, after living in New England, fall has become my favorite season of the year. How magical it is to see the changing colors of the trees from green to pink, purple, red and brown. It is neither hot nor cold, enjoy the pleasant weather. There are several reasons why fall is my favorite in New England...

Be Romantic... 

      Driving through the foliage is one of the best fall activity. Before having kids, we used to take long drives and enjoy the view. That's a great idea for couples or a dating idea with crisp trees and fall color. Now with kids, we still take the drive and have great family time. 

Be Creative... 

      Visiting farms is one of my favorite activity. Picking pumpkins for carving are very creative for kids. Along with it, you can enjoy hayrides and corn mazes too. 

Fall Flavors... 

      Fall is the season where you can devour the flavors, whether pumpkin spice, apple cider, great pies or baked goodies. Even though I am not a great fan of giving kids sugary snacks, fall flavorful donuts are an absolute favorite. Avid tea lover, I can't deny the fact how much I enjoy fall seasonal spice coffees. 

Be Active...

      Hiking a mountain trail with family is a great fun activity. My kids love to collect fall leaves. Enjoy the nature while hiking. We visit nearby state parks for fall hikes. We love to discover the reflection of the colorful fall leaves on a lake or small creeks. 

Take the Adventure...

      Getting on a scenic train ride is magical. You can relax and soak in the view and kids can experience the excitement of train ride. Let's cover all the unseen views which you couldn't cover while hiking. 

Hello to Fashion... 

      And in terms of fashion, you can still carry your summer pieces and perk with Panchos, cardigans and flaunt your boots. Carry your tan-orange-gold-purple handbags for fall fashions absolute touchups, Love to hear your fall favorites...

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Indian festival wardrobe 101

      Indian festive season just kick-started. If you are passionate about Indian ethnics then definitely, it opens up the plethora of possibilities for wearing Indian wear. If you are following me you know, I am Indian girl staying in the USA for last 15 years. I get very minimal chances to wear Indian wear. The festive season is always one I look forward to use my Indian wardrobe.

      So now, how to prepare or get your wardrobe ready for the festive season. A few tips and tricks from my personal experience:

  1. Always decide on the outfits few weeks before the festive season begins.
  2. Check if your outfits are well ironed. A well-ironed outfit plays significant roles in chic and groomed look.
  3. Did you try the blouses, if they are well fitted or need any alteration? An ill-fitted blouse can ruin the whole look.
  4. After deciding on the dress decide on accessories.
    Must have:
    • Bangles are must have. A pair of bangles or stack of bangles instantly brings ethnic and festive vibes to your outfit. 
    • Any Indian look is incomplete without a bindi big or small according to your personal choice.
    • Good clean nails always elevate any look. Chipped nails are an instant turn off no matter how lovely your outfit is.
    • Decide on your footwear early. Last moment random pick footwear may be uncomfortable or does not gel with your look.
    • I always believe that a good handbag definitely adds up your look. Potlis or embellished clutches are very to go with the ethnic or desi outfit.

      I am looking forward to hearing from you how you decide your wardrobe how you get ready your festive wardrobe no matter where you are from.

      Here you can find the post on Indian Classic Wardrobe.

Saturday, September 9, 2017

Lake placid food indulgence and healthy choices part 2

Farm Cafe(Breakfast)... 

      A mindful morning. As a foodie, my mindful morning always has to do with a fresh, scrumptious breakfast. When I was looking for breakfast at lake placid, I came across only a few restaurants. Honestly, the name Farm Cafe magnate me.

      A tidy and cozy set up with a bar Farm Cafe have a great ambiance. As I went through the menu, I was looking for whole wheat or multi grain bread, but they don't have that option. So, I stuck with veg omelet and house fries with coffee. The omelet was deliciously fluffy. Wish the vegetables were little fresher would have made the taste even better.

      Husband got breakfast burritos, again it was a white flour burrito, but stuffing is definitely great with eggs, cheese, and veg fillings.

      Kids got flap jack and hot chocolate. You have an option to add either fruits or chocolate chips to flap jacks, and all came with fresh fruits. There is nothing better about a good breakfast when you get the chance to start with farm fresh fruits. And Farm Cafe sparks every entry with cut fresh fruits. Like fresh fruit, if they also pay little attention to adding farm fresh veggies that will surely perk up Farm Cafe menu.

The good bite kitchen(lunch)...

      When you are in a tourist place lunch is always in a hurry since you want to see all the places and do activities before the sun sets its day. How about some really good food in no time. Yes, that's what came to my mind when I entered Good bite.

      New era innovative, quick and chic food take on vegetarian food. Locally sourced fresh food, this little eatery with six sitting inside and few outside with overlooking the lively downtown alley, Good bite offers bowls, sandwiches, and soup to smoothies and herbal lattes.

      I went for Kara bowl, it came with moong beans, roasted green peppers, kale, Havarti cheese, pumkin seeds and honey mustard and I chose whole wheat pasta base. For bowls, good bite offers options for bases like whole wheat pasta, zucchini noodle or brown rice. It was so refreshing, healthful and mindful at the same time decadent. Slippery soft pasta with moong beans grainy flavor is very palatable, and one can't really think of mixing this together. Yet again proving the point that good food does not need to be guilt food after eating.

      For drinks, I had mango raspberry kale and almond milk smoothie. It surely blows your taste buds even though you are not exactly a smoothie niche like me. The best part is everything is under ten dollars with options of vegan and gluten free. My next visit to lake placid won't be complete without visiting The Good bite kitchen again.

Click here to read the part 1

Saturday, September 2, 2017

Arunima Dutta


      She is the brand ambassador of youth and beauty, yet her niche is education. Executive Director at RMD Institute of Education, Guwahati, Assam, India, a blogger, and yoga enthusiast Arunima Dutta wears many feathers in her hat. 2004 Mrs. India World runner up, her definition of beauty and femininity is unparalleled. Her style defines simplicity and understated elegance. Arunima Dutta recently voyaged the world fitness convention in Las Vegas.

1. What is your style?

Arunimaa:  DuttMy style would be '' effortless simplicity ''. I am never dressed over the top and like to keep things classic, elegant and yet simple.

2. Your top three favorite looks?

Arunima Dutta:
a - Some wardrobe additions are justified by their stop-and-stare currency. I love my frocks and skirts.
b - When in doubt, put on the little white dress! Never fails you.
c - Shorts and the white shirt. Most of the times I am in my 'dressed down is the new dressed up’ state of mind.'

3. Eye makeup or Lipstick or both?

Arunima Dutta: Depends. Lips I reckon as I like to keep my eyes soft and simple most of the times. I highlight my eyes with mascara and an eye pencil and never ever overdo it. I like to keep my lips soft and dazzling in fresh toned lip gloss. Very rare would you see me in darker shades of lip tones. I do not over indulge in makeup.

4. Your favorite weaves or embroidery techniques you like?

Arunima Dutta: I am completely in love with the traditional attires of Northeast. The beautiful patterns and embroidery that the attires of each particular state carries embodies so much richness, history, love and untold feelings. It's like, you feel it when you wear it.

5. Your ideal day wear and ideal night wear?

Arunima Dutta: For work, it would be always formals. A nice pair of trousers teamed with a well-fitted shirt does it for me. For night I would pick a little white dress or black dress if it's a party; epitomises maximum impact without minimum effort. If it is a traditional gathering I would choose a saree or mekhela chador.

6. What do you like to wear for a wedding?

Arunima Dutta: For a wedding, I choose either a saree or mekhela chador. Make -up again is restricted to the bare minimum. At times I love to tie a bun, otherwise, I love to leave my hair open most of the times. Jewellery would be either pearls or diamonds. I don't like to overaccessorize. A nice watch and a clutch complete the look.

7. Three accessories always in your collection….

Arunima Dutta: 
a - I am fond of my watches. You will never see me not wearing one.
b - I love my shades.
c - Pearls and diamonds.

8. Any Indigenous Diva Tip?

Arunima Dutta: Own your looks with confidence and don’t let comfort take a beating. Dressing for your body type and wearing what puts you at ease are cardinal fashion rules that will never go out of style. Having said that, never take your wardrobe lightly.

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Perfect day to night outfit inspiration with AUrate New York

The sense, sensitivity, and sensibility, when comes together something awesome like AUrate New York happens. AUrate New York, a gold jewelry brand not only offers great style, the cause behind it is amazingly appreciative. It goes beyond just looks, by sourcing ethically and caring for the community.

       Mother of two young children, who understands better than me, how book reading can help shape up children's thought process and knowledge. How wonderful to know that AUrate runs a program named ‘A Book for Your Look’ where every purchase of their jewelry goes towards donating a book to an economically underprivileged child.

     As a blogger, I always give preference and love to promoting handloom and handmade. I feel lucky to come across jewelry like AUrate New York, which gives vital priority to sustainability and is also handmade in New York. You can read their story here.

   As women of today, I feel it's all about balance. Balancing home, career, children, and your own niche. Jewelry has a huge influence on defining your look. You need a jewelry that defines you yet balances your daily juggles extremely well. Here comes AUrate New York - a unique, clean and easily balancing your day to dinner.

It goes well with your black bell sleeve dress with a pair of earrings from AUrate, a pink sandal for a pop of color and a tan satchel, for your day look.

And for your soiree, ditch the pink sandal and tan bag, glam it up with a favorite pair of gold heels and black embellished clutch and a statement necklace from AUrate New York. Great for any dinner or a date. The statement necklace seamlessly blends with your day earrings. Bold and beautiful but, at the same time classic that uniquely defines new era women.

Saturday, August 19, 2017

Lake placid food indulgence and healthy choices

        When I am traveling or vacationing with family visiting new places, one thing we love to explore is the food culture of the place. You probably get to know it even better with their food culture. If you follow me or read my last post, you read about lake placid. This post is all about lake placid's food culture. Probably one post or one trip is not enough for exploring. Lake placid food is even better because you get to eat with a privilege of a lake view. Most restaurants in lake placid area are by the mirror lake.

The Cottage

The first day when we reached lake placid, it was already evening. After strolling for a bit we went for early dinner in the Cottage by the lake mirror. This restaurant is part of mirror lake inn. The cottage is more popular for lunch. We couldn't resist, at a first glance, after seeing The cottage at the heart of mirror lake. You get to see the best view of mirror lake from the cottage. Cozy, offbeat with American fair, live music and raining outside, full packed yet attentive service.

As in vacation, I love to indulge in few things which I don't eat or order in my regular restaurant visits. While going through the menu, I was tempted to order spinach artichoke dip that was my pending wish list for a long time. When it comes to food, looks and presentation also play a vital part. Ah, same applies for our artichoke spinach dip too. Already it increased my appetite by its look itself. Opulent at the same time melting in the mouth, Arithock dip and pita and corn chips you just can't miss it, except those extra calories.

Then came jalapeno and black bean hummus. This is definitely a little innovative hummus with a twist. A hint of jalapeno makes it even palatable pair with perfect pita and hearty healthy crisp veggies.

Then came the main, for the kids their favorite macaronni cheese and cheese pizza, the best part was that it was also served with seasonal fresh fruits. For us adults, black bean burger. As I have special affination for bean burgers, I might be a little partial. It was luscious and moist without being dry, as bean burgers, most of the time it tends to get dry and love the way it pairs with red pepper, aioli, and pretzel bread. My husband got honey sriracha grilled chicken as the name already raises some high hopes. It was not as expected, I mean we expected little more innovative than a regular chicken burger.

We can't stretch on including veg in our daily diet. It was definitely a raving part, like the way The cottage includes seasonal fruits and veggies in almost every entry. This time we were already over full, so didn't opt for dessert, probably in our next visit.
To be continued....

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Lake Placid New York, 2 days family tale

As the summer is rendering into almost fall, I felt we have not been to anywhere lately. The daily grind is monotonous and needed an escape from the hustle and bustle. But, hubby has some important project going on and can't take more than a day off. Before sending back to school, we wanted to spend time with kids leisurely. Then on short notice, Lake Placid came to my mind. We had been to lake placid before but thought, with children, it would be amazing.

We planned in a way that we reach lake placid by evening. After having early lunch at home, we started. When you travel, you usually want no rain, but that day it was pouring. In spite of that, we enjoyed the four-hour drive in light rain as it makes New England more charmer and fresher. After 3 hours of drive, we took a little break at Lake George. It was lovely to visit Lake George as well and by that time rain had stopped too. From there, it took us another one and a half hour to reach our destination, Lake Placid.

By the time we arrived, it had turned into a beautiful evening. What a lovely drive from lake George to lake placid on the side of the river Ausable, as if a long green scarf was lying. After reaching, we immediately checked in our hotel. Even with the four and half hour drive, we did not feel exhausted. We decided to take a stroll around the mirror lake and have dinner. We parked the car on the main street, it is little difficult to get parking there as it is quite busy. If not you can always park in the public lot at the north end of Main Street. I love the way the town is settled beside the lake Mirror with all shops and restaurants, with almost every restaurants, and shops have the privilege of lake view. I love the spirit and ease of this town as you immediately feel being one of them. You don't feel like a stranger after entering into this city.

We took a little hike to the mirror lake, and it was magical and foggy with snow capped mountain peaks. We decided to have our dinner. The first day ended like that. We didn't want to exhaust kids after the four and half hour drive.

Next day, we started the morning by deciding to have breakfast followed by other activities. As we are there for only one more day, we did not have many options to do. Also with kids, we wanted to take it easy and enjoyable, without trying to cover every single attraction.

The town hosted the 1932 and 1980 Winter Olympic games and is also referred to as nation's first winter resort. After having breakfast, we visited The Olympic Sports Center, one and half hour is enough to visit it.  It also has the nations first Olympic museum built in 1994. It was great going through the history.

After that, we wanted to take a hike on the mirror lake. It was such a great hike with kids, two and a half mile filled with all the beautiful houses, restaurants and hotels beside the mirror lake.

After the hike, we were little hungry, and we had our lunch. After the meal, we took a short break and decided to go the 100 years old High Falls George. It was such a lovely experience especially for kids, introducing different plants, nature, and history. The George offers a quiz for kids; it was fun for them doing it and a good learning experience. The George has great views of many water falls along the Ausable river. Usually, it 's hard to walk in George path ways for kids, but this one is very easy and no problem with children at all. If you want to have coffee or snack, they have a coffee shop and bakery too and a souvenir store as well. As we were full, we didn't eat anything there.

After the great experience at the Geroge, one again we took a little hike in the mirror lake. It was one of our families favorite activities in the placid lake region. We had great dinner with a great view of mirror lake from mirror lake inn. As the little vacation was almost over, we felt little sad.

Next day, we wanted to take the Adirondack scenic rail road, but because of constructions, they were closed. We decided not to do anything more as we had to return home with a four hours drive ahead. After lunch and followed by a hike in the mirror lake our vacation was over. Our 2017's last summer vacation ended that way with a beautiful memory of the historic lake placid and it's beautiful nature. We saved a few of the activities for our next visit because we wanted to come again here for sure.


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